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Order Information

Contact CellPro Labs to request a price quote.

Placing an Order: CellPro Labs accepts standing orders, blanket orders and one-time orders. Call or e-mail today to place your order. Telephone orders must be confirmed in writing via fax, e-mail or mail. When placing an order, please provide account name, customer account number (if known), product name, item number, quantity, price, shipping and billing address, including contact name and telephone/fax numbers.

CellPro Labs accepts all major credit cards. Please call CellPro Labs to place credit card orders.

Attn: Customer Service
2525 Nevada Avenue N., Suite 304
Golden Valley, MN 55427

By Phone: 1.612.877.8100
By Fax: 1.612.877.9213
By E-mail:

Business Hours: 8:30 A.M. and 5 P.M. (Central Time), Monday through Friday.

Standing Orders: Standing orders provide convenience and economy to a customer and help ensure on-time delivery of cell lines. Please contact CellPro Labs for information about establishing a standing order. Volume discounts are available.

Time Allowance for Orders: Routinely available cell lines may require two week advance ordering, unless you establish a standing order. CellPro Labs does routinely maintain inventory of selected cell lines to meet unanticipated customer needs, please call to inquire. Special order cell lines may require additional time.

Minimum Order: CellPro Labs will accept orders of any size, with a minimum charge of $25.

Canceling or Changing Orders: Cancellation of orders must be made two (2) weeks prior to the delivery date. Changes to standing orders should be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the delivery date.

Billing and Payment: Invoices are sent separately following shipment. Payment terms are strictly net 30 days from date of invoice.

Shipping: Cell lines and Cell Culture Media are shipped Monday, delivered Tuesday. Shipments are sent overnight via the best available transportation. In the case of Monday holidays, shipments are routinely made on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery. Client is charged standard rates for shipping and handling. Packing slips accompany all orders.

Credit or Replacement: Prior authorization must be obtained from CellPro Labs for any credit or replacement. Requests for credit or replacement must be made within 3 working days of receipt of product.

Terms & Conditions of Sale: Sales are void of any seller's warranty or representation, implied or expressed, by usage or otherwise. No claims beyond replacement of unacceptable material or credit on purchase price are allowed. All orders are subject to acceptance. Access Terms and Conditions of Sale at the bottom of the page.

Primary Cell Line Name Package Format Item Number
RK (Primary Rabbit Kidney) Tube 101-T
Vial 101-V
Flask – 25 cm2 101-25
Flask – 75 cm2 101-75
Flask – 175 cm2 101-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 101-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 101-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 101-96
RMK (Primary Rhesus Monkey Kidney) Tube 102-T
Vial 102-V
Flask – 25 cm2 102-25
Flask – 75 cm2 102-75
Flask – 175 cm2 102-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 102-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 102-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 102-96
RMKa (Primary Rhesus Monkey Kidney w/ SV5 & SV40) Tube 103-T
Vial 103-V
Flask – 25 cm2 103-25
Flask – 75 cm2 103-75
Flask – 175 cm2 103-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 103-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 103-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 103-96


Continuous Cell Line Name Package Format Item Number
A549 (Human Lung Carcinoma) Tube 201-T
Vial 201-V
Flask – 25 cm2 201-25
Flask – 75 cm2 201-75
Flask – 175 cm2 201-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 201-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 201-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 201-96
BGMK (Buffalo Green Monkey Kidney) Tube 202-T
Vial 202-V
Flask – 25 cm2 202-25
Flask – 75 cm2 202-75
Flask – 175 cm2 202-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 202-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 202-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 202-96
HEp-2 (Human Cervix Carcinoma) Tube 203-T
Vial 203-V
Flask – 25 cm2 203-25
Flask – 75 cm2 203-75
Flask – 175 cm2 203-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 203-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 203-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 203-96
McCoy (Mouse Fibroblast) Vial 204-V
Flask – 25 cm2 204-25
Flask – 75 cm2 204-75
Flask – 175 cm2 204-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 204-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 204-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 204-96
McCoy Lights (Mouse Fibroblast) Vial 205-V
MRC-5 (Human Lung Fibroblast) Tube 206-T
Vial 206-V
Flask – 25 cm2 206-25
Flask – 75 cm2 206-75
Flask – 175 cm2 206-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 206-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 206-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 206-96
HFF (Human Foreskin Fibroblast) Tube 207-T
Vial 207-V
Flask – 25 cm2 207-25
Flask – 75 cm2 207-75
Flask – 175 cm2 207-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 207-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 207-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 207-96
Vero (African Green Monkey Kidney) Tube 208-T
Vial 208-V
Flask – 25 cm2 208-25
Flask – 75 cm2 208-75
Flask – 175 cm2 208-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 208-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 208-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 208-96
WI-38 (Human Lung Fibroblast) Tube 209-T
Vial 209-V
Flask – 25 cm2 209-25
Flask – 75 cm2 209-75
Flask – 175 cm2 209-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 209-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 209-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 209-96
MDCK (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney) Tube 210-T
Vial 210-V
Flask – 25 cm2 210-25
Flask – 75 cm2 210-75
Flask – 175 cm2 210-175
Multi-well Plate-24 well 210-24
Multi-well Plate-48 well 210-48
Multi-well Plate-96 well 210-96


Cell Culture Media Name Antimicrobial Supplement HEPES
(2 µg/mL)
(4.5 g/L)
Package Size Item Number
(50 Units/mL)
(50 µg/mL)
(10 µg/mL)
B(2.5 µg/mL)
MEM-0 (Minimum Essential Medium-0% FBS)     50mL 401-50
100 mL 401-100
500 mL 401-500
MEM-2 (Minimum Essential Medium-2% FBS)     50mL 402-50
100 mL 402-100
500 mL 402-500
MEM-5 (Minimum Essential Medium-5% FBS)     50mL 403-50
100 mL 403-100
500 mL 403-500
MEM-10 (Minimum Essential Medium-10% FBS)     50mL 404-50
100 mL 404-100
500 mL 404-500
CIM-10 (Chlamydia Isolation Medium-10% FBS)   50mL 405-50
100 mL 405-100
500 mL 405-500